Dear SGTG Family,

Our hearts go out to our large community of artists and audience

members and the struggles we have all been experiencing these past

few months with the COVID pandemic and more recently the fears

and frustrations of our black and brown members, friends and


We hope you are well and safe.

We, along with all theatre companies have gone dark…

                                                                                       BUT we are still here.

We are very much in the light … keeping our artist skills engaged

with … community outreach efforts to nursing homes via streaming

performances … Instagram Karaoke … Featured Artists on social

Media … Donations of homemade Masks to Healthcare workers –

We can see our motto To God Through Stage is especially

important at this time. Our community has an opportunity to touch

people at a time that a touch is at a distance.

We welcome you to our Website, Facebook page, Instagram and

see some of the offerings we have for you. Join one of our Zoom

Theater Session or sing at our SGTG Karaoke Facebook Live events,

We want to hear from you .. Post on our Facebook Page …

how is our community?

Artists – if you want to be a part of community outreach via

Streaming Performances to local nursing homes and hospitals please

contact us at SGTGKathy@aol.com

May you all be well and safe,

SGTG Production Team

“Any form of art is a form of power; it has impact, It can affect

change. It can not only move us, it makes us move.” Ossie Davis